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Working in Mexico as a Virtual Assistant

Well. This month has been nothing short of a dream as a virtual assistant. There have been so many moments of truly wondering how this is my life, how I got here and reflecting on how all the dots make sense (now)… even though they didn’t in the past. I will also say this month hasn’t come with its own set of unique challenges but all in all, I am so incredibly grateful for choosing to go down this route.

During harvest at my parents, I booked a flight to Mexico, by myself. Needless to say, everyone was a bit worried and to be honest I was super nervous. This would be the first time in my life, that I’ve travelled internationally alone. Sometimes it’s best to decide something and even in being a tad uncertain just go for it (this could also be incredibly terrible advice, who knows… it worked for me, in this instance).

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

My parents had finished up harvest, we had a beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner a few days early and then I took off… on a new adventure, and what I wouldn’t realize until later this month, a new perspective on life.

Travelling during Covid is a tad weird, basically masks all the time and hand sanitizer every 5 seconds. I thought masks were annoying in Edmonton, never mind when it’s +32C and you are walking around in one… sweaty, to say the least. Once I had flown into Mexico City then over to Puerto Escondido. I got picked up by a very friendly crew from the hotel I was staying at…. And this is where some of my past and future dots begin to connect.

A few years ago I had met a guy through work (the last job I had) and had to book him in for some functions/work meetings for the company he runs in Edmonton. We stayed in touch casually after that. We have talked about business, good reads and some travel. I remember him telling me about this project he was working on a few years ago and it was Casa De Olas – little did I know how much more I’d learn and experience about this beautiful project.

I’ve seen pictures on the gram and then this year we connected as I was asking if it’s safe to travel down to Mexico… fast forward, I’ve been at this hotel for 3 weeks. As I write this, it’s my last night here and it’s been so incredible. Such a fantastic space, such beautiful people staff and a superb environment to get my work done.

There are so many things I’ve done outside work (even though I’ve actually been able to maintain very productive). These photos are some favourite spaces and activities. Some things can’t be described, rather you have to just go experience them for yourselves.

I always seem to pull lessons on a daily now, because I look for things to be grateful for and learn, but here are some special ones – learned from some incredibly special people, who I am so grateful to have in this chapter of my journey.

What I’ve Learned:

1. To live. To truly feel alive. Shut down the laptop and go have some fun. Work, yes is important and I love it, but to be with people, to build relationships and have some fun is important too. It’s made me more efficient at work.

2. That you can make any choice you want. Life really is up to you. 2020 as a whole has taught me this. It’s the year of absolute possibility- all of our social norms have absolutely been shaken up, anything is in reach. You want to travel and build a digital nomad life, do it! You want to get healthier and more fit, go for it. Want to truly make great friends and connections with people who inspire you, figure yourself out and attract those people. There is a lot of work you need to do within yourself to get rid of living limiting beliefs, but we really do create our realities.

3. To be generous. This one I can say, I am pretty terrible at. In some ways in my life, I feel I have been generous, but have met and talked to so many people the past month who have reminded me how important it is to give back & how I can be more generous in my own life. Give back into a community, into others lives and wherever you can. Share your words, gifts and resources – it matters more than you think.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

4. To trust. To really trust that if you work hard, are as good as you can be to people, that you make mistakes and really learn from them – things will pay off. To stay focused on your goals and put in the work (even when people aren’t noticing and it seems like there isn’t any real progress) that’s where the magic is happening. Things will come about that you are working for – not always in the way you think they should and they might be slower than you expect them to – but when they do, you appreciate it so much more.

I am so grateful for my time in Mexico so far, stay tuned cause life gets real this month. I have been staying in an absolutely stunning hotel for the past 3 weeks and now I have an apartment. Real-life in Mexico begins… let’s just hope there are no creatures waiting for me in my new apartment.

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