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What’s a VA? And How to Become One!

If you dream of traveling to any destination while working from remote locations and doing what you love, becoming a virtual assistant may be for you! Before learning how to become a successful VA, there are a few steps to understand what the job title entails. This includes finding your skills sets, time management, and strategizing a business/marketing plan. First order of business…

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur that often runs their operations and business as a freelance or consulting company. This job title is for those that are interested in handling simple, tedious tasks such as… social media management, administrative assistance, content creation, and other things that business owners do not have time to do themselves. The best part of becoming a virtual assistant is that you work 100% remotely and can be anywhere in the world! This gives you the freedom to explore the world, travel, work from any location and earn compensation.

Steps to becoming a successful Virtual Assistant?

The second order of business is to understand the steps to creating a successful foundation for your consulting company or working as a private virtual assistant. You first need to establish the services you will offer, your skills, what you are best at and would like to share with your clients. You can have hundreds of services, the options are endless, and they are your choice!

  • Writing skills, Computer skills, Word processing skills

  • Social Media Management, Effective decision-making skills

  • Scheduling, accounting skills, flexibility, and adaptability

  • Creativity, Research skills, booking flights, appointments, etc.

  • Customer service, website maintenance, Virtual design skills

  • Personal errands, Digital marketing tasks, Public relations, Online marketing

Business Plan, Prices, Social Media Presence & Advertisement

It is necessary to write a business plan or organize your services, client, schedules, and order of operations. Third, choose the prices for your services and the time you commit to being a virtual assistant to your clients. Create a fun, detailed website and gain a social media presence across media platforms. Create a contract for clientele. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback; as a virtual assistant, you should always find ways to better yourself in your job and expand your skill set. Develop a marketing strategy on your own or find help on how you will grow your name or company as a virtual assistant. Advertise your business on social media, through word of mouth, radio, anywhere you decide. Remember to keep your clients happy content, and do as they ask while respecting your timeline and offers! #hireaVA #outsourcing

These are a few tips on how to become a successful virtual assistant! Understanding the role of a VA is crucial to becoming successful in the work field. We’re glad you joined us for the read & hope you learned a lot. We look forward to seeing you succeed as a Virtual Assistant or look into working with one to make your workload easier! For more tips or to reach out for our assistance, check out our VA Training and info page.

More blogs to come next week; chat soon, friends.


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