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Travel Tuesdays: Tulum

Visit this trendy beach town in the Yucatan. Tulum is approximately a two hour drive from Cancun, but worth it! Whether you’re looking for a sunny destination, or to explore more of the Mexican culture, you’ll want to add this spot to the top of your bucket list.

The ruins fuse different architectural styles, due to the changing inhabitants of the area. The Tulum National Park (home to the ruins) overlooks the sea and incorporates the clifftop Castillo (watchtower) and the Templo de las Pinturas. Further inland you’ll experience the pyramid-shaped temples with views overlooking the surrounding jungle.

Tours to the ruins are accessible through most resorts and hotels, and can often be combined with visits to other archeological sites.

This art gallery exhibits an interdisciplinary space for works from some of the world’s finest visual artists, new cutting edge workshops and innovative artist residencies focused on experiencing new art forms.

Cenotes are water-filled sinkholes that naturally occur in limestone rock. They are popular tourist attractions and Tulum is home to some of the most desirable cenotes around! Some must-see cenotes are:

  • Gran Cenote - best for snorkeling, diving and swimming.

  • Cenote Zacil-Ha - best for families, seeking a swimming pool style cenote.

  • Casa Cenote - popular for swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

  • Cenote Calavera - popular for swimming, jumping, and diving.

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