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Travel Tuesdays: San Francisco

From winding roads to sourdough, this city is sure to steal your hipster heart in no time. The picturesque Golden Gate bridge—not so golden, but still an iconic sight—stands high and cascades above rocky waters. For chocolate lovers, the Ghirardelli chocolate factory is sure to be a stop on your way to the museum of modern art. And last but not least, for families, lovers, people of all ages, and groups of all sizes: you’ll want to check out Pier 39 for the divine restaurants, local shops, shoreline scenery, and other tourist activities.

No longer used as a prison, but it’s likely you’ve heard of this famed penitentiary (or at least your parents have). Alcatraz was notorious for housing some of the worst criminals in America prior to its closure, but now it features daily tours to the public. A must-see for all our true-crime junkies following along, or just anyone interested in a fun, and maybe slightly spooky, day-trip.

Pier 39 is a great place to bring your family and friends for shopping and entertainment. It also features some amazing seafood restaurants, and you’ll occasionally spot some sea lions basking in the sun. There’s a little something for everyone, but it’s especially perfect if you love sourdough and seafood!

This might be more of a picture-stop or a walk-by during your trip, but it’s still a neat place to see. Lombard Street happens to be the second most crooked street in the world! A photographer's dream (or nightmare?), this street is filled with blooming flowers and the movie-scene San Francisco houses everyone dreams of.

Also featured on this famous street is the Haunted Montandon House, which is one of San Francisco’s most famous haunted houses.

Union Square is the perfect place for all your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs, right in downtown San Francisco. It’s a one-block plaza surrounded by department stores, boutiques, and beauty salons.

Another great spot in Union Square is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) which is one of the largest modern art museums in the USA.

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