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Travel Tuesdays: Nashville

Nashville isn’t nicknamed “Music City” for no reason; you will literally find music everywhere at all times. The streets are filled with bars, clubs, concert halls, music studios, and recording stations; it’s the perfect place to spend a weekend with friends or be discovered by an agent (you know- like in the movies). Although, we suggest you learn to love country music at least just a little bit, since Nashville has birthed some pretty outstanding country music stars. This city has you covered though, whether you opt for full-blown honky-tonk hillbilly country, or more rock and roll country, whatever floats your boat!

The Grand Ole Opry has been running for almost a century! It has featured all the greats in country music, folk, gospel, and bluegrass, and is easily one of the must-do things in Nashville. Visitors are able to tour the dressing rooms before settling in for each night’s entertainment, and after the curtain falls, grab a bite to eat nearby or hit the hay at the Opryland Hotel!

Located in the heart of Music City, you’ll find several neon-lit blocks, bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, and saloons, as far as the eye can see! When the sun is up, you can shop until you drop. But once that sun goes down, get ready to Boot Scootin Boogie your way to your favourite bar or club!

This has got to be the single most famous street in Nashville. It’s loaded with record labels, radio stations, recording studios, and music production companies, offering a full view of the music scene.

Tourists are able to take tours of recording booths and radio towers, and there are also several local landmarks for sightseeing, such as the statue of a famous producer in front of a grand piano.

If you’re all music’d out and are a big sports fan, take a trip to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. You won’t believe the amount of award-winning athletes that have come out of Tennessee (Daren Bates, Reggie Grimes, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin, to name a few).

This sports hall of fame celebrates the victories and triumphs of these athletes and the state’s finest sport professionals. There are even a few rides that will keep little ones entertained while you read up on all the Olympians.

This prison is a medieval-looking prison where inmates were made to do harsh manual labour and were subject to long periods of solitary confinement. They even wore striped jumpsuits like in the movies. The prison is abandoned, but was featured in movies such as the Green Mile, Against the Wall, and Ernest Goes to Jail. The site is now locked up, but visitors are able to go on ghost tours of the grounds and challenge their deepest, darkest fears.

If you’re looking to expand your musical ventures past the Grand Ole Opry and local bars and saloons, try out the Ryman Auditorium. Artists such as Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton, and Luke Combs are among some of the common performances here. Guests will also be able to get a “behind the scenes” view into the legendary music venue. A truly one of a kind experience.

If you’re a fan of his music, or just interested in all the ‘hype’ then definitely make the trip to check out this one-of-a-kind museum. It boasts the world’s largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts and memorabilia, including films, handwritten notes and letters penned by Cash himself, along with costumes and so much more.

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