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Travel Tuesdays: London

If you ever go to London, we recommend going there well dressed, and familiarizing yourself with their specific lingo. Everyone in London is always way more put together than Americans and Canadians (you wouldn’t dare catch someone going outside in their pajamas), and you’ll find they have funny names for everything (i.e. flat for apartments, boot for trunk of a car). However, it is still a pretty phenomenal place to visit if you can get past all of their nit-picky differences from Westerners.

Arguably one of the most photographed places in London is the London Eye. This popular ferris wheel is lit up at night, and was originally constructed to celebrate the millennium, offering views across the city. It is also an annual centerpiece of London’s New Year’s fireworks display.

Guests are able to share a pod with others, or splurge on a private pod for themselves. And don’t worry, the ride isn’t actually that fast if you’re worried about motion sickness.

Unfortunately, London does have a bit of a dark past when it comes to serial killers, but if you’re into the whole crime documentary trend, this might be something of interest to you. One of the more popular activities in London is actually embarking on a Jack the Ripper tour and seeing where he lived, where he would have walked when he chose his victims, and more. Talk about spooky!

Possibly one of the most famous parks in London (and one of the largest), Hyde Park is popular for having hosted numerous protests and demonstrations over the years, including protests by the Suffragettes.

The park’s notorious Speaker’s Corner is still occupied by debates, protests, and performance artists every week, while the park itself is still home to multiple memorial features. Hyde Park features two bodies of water (Serpentine being the biggest) where you can go paddle-boating, see swans, and take a breath of fresh air to escape the city.

Westminster is considered the political hub of London and is home to the Houses of Parliament, as well as the world-famous clock tower, Big Ben. Located nearby is Westminster Abbey which is open to the public most days, and be sure to also stop by Parliament Square which showcases statues of important political figures such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

Buckingham Palace has been the home to the British Royal Family since 1837. It features 775 rooms and the largest private garden in London. Parts of the palace are open to the public, and the most notorious attraction is the Changing of the Guard, which happens multiple times a day.

This well-known cultural neighbourhood is located in North London and is popular for it’s alternative culture, with locals dressed as goths, punks, and rockabillies. Camden has a vibrant community and has a number of popular tattoo and piercing shops.

It also is home to the notorious Camden Market which features electric street food from international cuisines, and multiple different stalls selling unique artwork to take home and enjoy. Find vintage clothing, records and CDs, used books, or some of the city's best vegan bakeries at Cookies and Scream.


If you’re seeking a night out in London, your best bet would be Shoreditch or Soho. Soho used to be the base of London’s sex industry but is now the most popular nightlife spot, and feature’s many LGBTQ+ friendly spots, with a couple adult shops dotted in between. Soho is also home to a number of theatres, jazz bars, and restaurants, dubbing it a cultural hotspot for the city.

Shoreditch on the other hand has undergone a recent facelift and is the perfect place to spend your day and night, as it’s filled to the brim with bars and eateries. It’s labelled one of the coolest places to stay in London, so be sure to check out Trapeze, a circus-themed bar and Rockaway, a chilled bar and restaurant with comic books, band posters, and a regular 90s night.

Like we said, Londoners are definitely some of the best-dressed people around. Oxford Street features some of the best shopping in the city, especially if you didn’t come as well prepared as you had originally planned. It’s known as Europe’s busiest shopping street, so don’t be surprised if you see line ups of people waiting outside of stores and the hustle and bustle of people with places to be. The best time to visit is during the holidays when Oxford is illuminated with Christmas lights which add glitter to the evening nights.

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