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Travel Tuesdays: Germany

Beer, bread, and sauerkraut… Okay, now we’re hungry. Germany is home to some of the most phenomenal food, castles, nature, and more. The country itself is stunning, with people everywhere. You’ll be amazed by the culture and history that Germany has to unpack.

Visit this gorgeous, very popular castle while on your travels to Germany. The castle has been open since 1886. It is popular because of the paradox it symbolizes. The castle was constructed during the time when castles were no longer deemed necessary as strongholds, and despite its medieval design, King Ludwig also urged it to have all of the most modern (at the time) technological comforts.

This impressive structure measures 26 meters. At one time guards used to stand in front of the gates. The Brandenburg gate was a symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, but now represents peace and unity.

Each New Year’s Eve, you can see fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate where the world’s largest New Year’s Eve party is held.

Take a walking tour through the Old City and Old Town Hall and experience all the charm it has to offer. Bamberg is most famous for its local breweries and beer gardens, specifically the historic smoked beer brewery, Schlenkerla.

The town of Bamberg was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993 for its cultural influence, especially during the time of Enlightenment in southern Germany in the 18th century.

Hike and bike through the various trails around King’s Lake. The area is surrounded by limestone mountains and lies within the Berchtesgaden National Park. Stay at the popular mountain resort in the Bavarian Alps.

Germany is known for their beer, street food, meat, sauerkraut, bread, and so many other dishes, we could go on forever! If you’re feeling adventurous, try some sour tripe or lung while you’re abroad.

If you visit during Christmas time, make sure to grab a Lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies) or two! You can purchase them at Christmas markets and will often find them with icing on top!

Frankfurt is widely known for its modern skyline, and bustling airport. It’s also the financial capital of Continental Europe and the transportation centre of Germany. Order an espresso and walk the streets of Frankfurt. Here you can enjoy a ton of different shops and museums.

Stay tuned for next week’s Travel Tuesday feature! Also be sure to check us out on social media to stay up to date with new travel features, lifestyle content and business tips for travelers all over the world!


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