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Tips For a Great VA Resume

Ultimately, your resume is meant to highlight your portfolio and experience, not elaborate on it. That’s something that a lot of people tend to forget when they’re putting together their resume or updating it. Employers use resumes to get a quick view of what the candidate has to offer, experience and where they come from. The cover letter or portfolio is what you use to really show off your personality and why you should be considered for the position.

Templates on Google are a good starting point because they show you all the necessary information that you should include. Whether you’re a virtual assistant (VA) or not, there are some things that need to be included regardless of your profession. For example, if you graduated from high school, where you live (mailing address), what is your name is if you have any experience or certifications.

When it comes to creating a resume specifically for a VA, you will also want to include things like your interests (career-wise) or what you specialize in. This way people can understand what type of work they are capable of doing and have an interest in.

Some more things to consider when creating your resume as a VA are:

Using a Canva Template

Canva is a great tool for creating resumes because it offers so many different templates that already have an outline of what information is needed. Canva also offers the option for you to have a cover letter that matches your resume, which will score points with the employer, especially if you’re looking for something related to branding or marketing.

You’ll want to also consider whether or not you want to include a photo of yourself, which Canva also offers templates for, as well as templates without a photo.

If you do end up using a template, just ensure that the font you chose is legible and that employers can read the information and aren’t distracted by graphics or too many photos.

Include a Bit About You

This can be included in your resume if you aren’t planning on submitting a cover letter. You can include information about what type of position you are looking for, how many years you’ve been in the industry and any additional emails or contact information the employer might need.

However, in an effort to keep the resume easy to read and concise, we recommend leaving that part to the cover letter and putting in the time to write one. The simple act of writing a cover letter can go a long way with employers as they notice how dedicated you are to getting the job and how willing you are to put in the work.

If you have any hobbies or interests, such as travel or sports, you can also include these in the cover letter to let the employer know a little more about you. It allows them to connect with you before an interview and get a sense of whether or not you might be a good fit for the company.

Your Portfolio and Experience

Since VAs are a part of the creative industry, you’ll want to include your portfolio. This is generally a slide show or a website showcasing your previous work from businesses or schools (if you have a degree or certificate). You’ll also want to include places where your work might be featured, such as your Instagram or social media pages. We do suggest being wary about sharing your social media right away (even though any good employer will do a google search of your name and likely find it on their own). If you have anything that could become a problem or goes against the company’s guidelines or rules, they will take this into consideration.

For example, if the company you want to work for is a marijuana company, but you actively preach that you are anti-drug or anti-marijuana on your social media or anywhere on the internet, this would be a problem.

If you don’t have a portfolio set up, whether you’re new in the industry or don’t have a lot of experience, you can always include any experience (jobs, volunteer work) on your resume and elaborate more in your cover letter. You can let the employer know in the letter that you are a recent graduate or that you just transitioned to being a VA from another career and therefore don’t have a ton of experience. Being open and honest about things like experience is something that is very important and will go a long way in your career.


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