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Things the TVL Course Can Give You

So you have seen all this marketing surrounding the new TVL course that launched recently, but you are not sure what exactly you can gain from it. This blog will help pin-point everything you can expect to achieve from the VA Course offered by TVL, and more importantly, how you can apply that knowledge to your own VA practice after the course.


Having an online career can make it challenging to build relationships “in the workplace”, but rest assured that the TVL course promotes a supportive environment for VAs to communicate with each other during and after the course. Becoming a VA is a huge life decision, and building your community is crucial to maintaining a healthy mental balance with your workload.

When you become a student of the TVL course, you join a supportive community of our CVA/TVL team, who will be your mentors throughout the process, other students, and other brands and VAs who will provide valuable insight on what life after the course will be like. It is essential to remember that having a community to support you can also provide valuable networking opportunities for freelancing work, consulting, and more. Social media is a valuable place to build and expand your community, especially as a VA. Not only do most people spend increasing amounts of time on social media platforms (especially with COVID), but it is a free and easy way to promote your start-up business!

Be sure you are following the TVL social media pages for updates on course offerings, freebies, tips and tricks, and more!


Most of the information in the course is composed by the founder of TVL, Sasha Wallach. Not only is she a VA, but she’s been in the biz for almost five years; working for other Virtual Assistants and Agencies, as a Sole Proprietor, and now she has started her own Agency (Canada’s Virtual Assistant).

Sasha created this course in hopes of educating others that are looking to join the community and become a VA. She takes students through her ups and downs, what does and really does not work in the business world, and how she got to where she is today.

The VA course will offer students the wisdom and guidance not many other courses are able to provide, being that this field is so new. VAs are just now beginning to be introduced to businesses and organizations, so having a mentor will definitely help in the long run.


Similar to any online learning course, you will be learning — but we want to make it as interactive and as fun as possible. Encouraging you to “break out of your comfort zone” will only benefit you more in the long run, as you progress through the modules and as a VA.

The knowledge you gain in these courses will be basic business skills, essential to any entrepreneur starting their own business, paired with VA specific skills to give you an edge on any competition. Our course provides you with additional social media assistance, marketing, and branding, and so much more. Brands and organizations will be lining up at your doorstep in no time! Plus, all knowledge that you gain from this course is interchangeable with most other careers, and can be used in other business places if you do decide that being a VA is not for you.


Having the knowledge and skills to back up your new career will provide you with the confidence to absolutely crush your goals. Similar to any new job, you feel more confident with time, and the more skills you have in your ‘back pocket’, the better equipped you will be for the business world ahead of you. Similarly, having your newfound community of VAs to support you and your brand will only help you grow even more! As humans, we tend to gravitate towards positivity and, in turn, we radiate the motivation that we desire. This translates into confidence, and your community will only hold you higher.

If you have any questions about the course, or are looking to sign up for the next start date, head to our website at or contact us for more information using the form on the website for more information! Also, be sure you are staying updated with all of our social media pages, as we post updates about course dates, information for VAs and non-VAs, lifestyle and travel content, and free digital downloads!

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