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Texas Is the New Mexico - Why You Should Go to This Beach

You’ve heard of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, but did you know that Texas holds some pretty amazing beaches in its coastal cities?

Take note: Galveston, Texas, home of East Beach.

The City

A one-hour drive from Houston, Galveston is home to various attractions and caters to all ages. From an amusement park to the best fishing spots, Galveston has something for everyone. Saturated with restaurants, hotels, shops, and bars - why not stop by for a few days while you’re in Texas? Similar to Austin, Galveston holds some excellent nightlife and is an overall vibrant community suitable for all. Take your kids to the amusement park or beach during the day, and then have a night out for yourself! Whatever you fancy, Galveston has got you covered!

The Beach

East Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the Galveston Bay Area. Located on the east coast, this beach has endless amenities; rentals, food and drink, entertainment, a boardwalk, and beach volleyball are all available year long. There are even sandcastle building competitions if the kids think their skills are up to par! Meanwhile, Dad can fish or BBQ on the beach while you and the kids put your skills to the test. Dogs, boating, ATVs, and even alcohol (our favourite) are allowed on East Beach as well! Not to mention, the sunsets are pretty incredible in the summertime. That being said, East Beach is open from March to October, allowing for tons of flexibility when planning your trip here! There’s even a 24-hour live webcam of the beach available, so you can check how busy it is prior to going! East Beach also offers annual island, beach, and parking passes to save some $$ if you’re spending the summer there!

Texas Travel Tips

Being such a large state, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top travel tips to consider before planning your next trip…because let’s be real, we know we’ve convinced you! Follow these 3 tips to enjoy a stress-free, enjoyable vacation!

Best Time to Visit

Although Texas can be visited throughout the year, the best times to stop by are from March to May and September to November. These months provide you with the opportunity to explore various types of attractions throughout the state, depending on your preferences. The summer months are also recommended…but only if you enjoy extreme heat!

Book Ahead

Texas is becoming an extremely popular destination, both for tourists and residents alike. Once you’ve narrowed down the dates, be sure to book your lodging ahead of time. The state is home to countless large events and festivals, and can get extremely busy during peak months!

Consider Transportation & Navigation

It is often forgotten that Texas is the second-largest in the US, and with that, comes a lot of navigating. Driving from one attraction to another or one city to another can take up a lot of your day, so be sure to plan accordingly and allow time for transportation. Also, having a solid navigation tool ready to go ahead of time will save you and your family or friends a ton of hassle (and arguing) in the long run!

So, trust us when we say that Texas is where it’s at! There is truly something for everyone in Texas, and we cannot recommend it enough!


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