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Should I Become a VA?

Is Being a VA For Me?

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be terrifying, especially when that means stepping away from something that society has told us is the better, safer choice. Work is no different. We spend our days working in a tiny office, doing the work so that someone else's dreams grow and thrive while yours are on the back burner. The more that you think about this, the more blatantly unfair it seems, and raises the ultimate question: what can YOU do to make YOUR life and career goals come true? This is even more relevant after the year we’ve had. Being forced to take time away from the office and work remotely was an incredibly positive change for most, and one that has made the thought of going back to the old ways of working 40 hours a week from a tiny cubicle almost unbearable. What if we told you that we have a way out? A way to build a life for yourself based on freedom, growth, and ownership of your time and resources, while also building a successful business for yourself and helping others? Being a virtual assistant is truly one of the most rewarding jobs in all aspects, but how do you know if being a VA is truly for you, before you invest in becoming one?

Research what being a VA is all about! You’ll be happy to hear that being a VA is a direct ticket out of spending the rest of your adult life in an office cubicle. Being a VA means that you get to run your own business while helping others, have complete control over your schedule and hours, and enjoy the benefits of living freely. Our site is a great resource to turn to for all of your VA questions and needs. Our recently launched sister company, That Virtual Life, focuses on all things VA lifestyle; whether its a VA course, travel and lifestyle tips, or hiring a VA to help you manage your workload, we have you covered! We promise, once you scroll through our website and social platforms, you’ll have trouble thinking of reasons not to be a VA.

Ask where you see yourself in 3 years

We spend so much of our time working, so where and why we work is super important. Whether it’s to buy your dream house or car, retire early, or simply pay the bills, we all work for something. But if all you see in the next 10 years is you at the same job, working in the same office for the same company and higher management and this bothers you, then being a VA is most definitely for you. By pursuing a career as a VA, you get to experience the freedom of working for yourself and getting closer to YOUR goals and dreams. Being a VA gives you ownership of your life.

Talk to other VAs

While we can tell you all of the many reasons being a VA is a great career choice, sometimes you need to hear it from another person that was once in the same position as you and chose to step out of their comfort zone. Not only are other VAs great to show you the benefits of being a VA, but they also give you access to a community of networking opportunities and knowledge. You can find endless VAs to speak with on our website, with the option to book a complimentary consultation with Sasha.

Like we said earlier, being a VA is truly one of the most rewarding career choices. Having the ability to work wherever and whenever you choose means you’ll never have to miss anything that you don’t want to again. You’ll also be learning and growing while you build a business from the ground up and get closer to the version of yourself that you’ve always dreamt of.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach us via our contact page or drop a question in the comments! Be sure to also give us a follow on Instagram to see our daily tips and VA lifestyle hacks @canadas.virtual.assistant and @thatvirtuallife!

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