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How to Get the Most Out of the TVL Course

If you haven’t enrolled in the TVL (that virtual life) VA course, this is your sign to do so now. Whether you’re a VA or wanting to become one, the VA course is a great opportunity for anyone to learn new (and transferrable) skills, grow their community, and gain mentorship opportunities. Even if you weren’t the greatest student in school, or are worried about keeping up, we have created a list of ways that you can get the most out of the TVL course!

Take Notes

Remember sitting in those uncomfortable chairs in high school and having to take endless notes in order to keep up with the lectures? Well now you can comfortably learn from your favourite spot right at home! We do suggest taking notes as a way to memorize the lessons, and for future reference as well. Whether you go old school with a pen and paper or opt for digital note-taking, this is a great start to getting the most out of our course.

Note taking is also beneficial for staying engaged with the course material and remembering things in the future that you may have otherwise forgotten. Not to mention, if you physically write your notes (pen and paper style) studies show that you are able to retain the information more effectively.


Unlike those horrifying exams from school, you don’t need to cram everything you learn in one study session. Having the opportunity to review what you have learned after each class will help you grasp the material on a deeper level, and also remind you to ask any follow up questions you may still have.

Reviewing is also great for solidifying what you have learned, and if you’re able to put it to use in real-life scenarios, even better! When you’re reviewing though, we suggest doing so in time increments, this way your brain has a chance to actually retain what you are studying, and you are less likely to get distracted or tired.

Accountability Friends

If you’re someone who struggles with accountability or the motivation to study, ask a friend or two in the course (or outside of the course) to help you out! If it’s someone from the course, you are able to hold each other accountable and they’ll be able to provide you with new perspectives and understandings of the material you may have otherwise never thought about.

Having set meeting times (virtually or in-person) is a great way to gently force you to study while also ensuring that you pay attention to each lesson and are present. Also, the relationship between you and your study buddies can form into positive networking opportunities outside of the course and for future business endeavors.

For any questions, please contact us through the contact page on our website. If you are interested in enrolling in the TVL VA course, head to our website and sign up today! Also, be sure you are following TVL on social media to stay up to date with new course dates, promotions and all things travel and lifestyle.


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