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How to Build Strong Relationships With Your Clients as a VA

As a virtual assistant, a lot of your success in this field depends upon how well you’re able to build and maintain relationships with clients. For some people, this can be daunting. Networking is not something many of us were taught in school.

But don’t worry. Canada’s Virtual Assistant is here to help! In this blog, we’ll share some of our top tips to build strong client relationships as a virtual assistant.

Offer a consultation call

One of the simplest things you can do to begin a positive working relationship with a client is to offer a free consultation call! This simple gesture shows a level of professionalism that clients love.

Sometimes clients won’t hire a virtual assistant because they aren’t sure how a virtual assistant could benefit them, or because they aren’t familiar with your work. By offering a free consultation call, you can put these concerns to rest.

Have a conversation about their business to get a sense of their needs and how you can best help them. This is also an excellent time to discuss your training and education, and share examples of past work to show you are qualified for the role. Both you and the client will feel more confident that this is the right fit.

Regularly communicate and give updates

As you work with your client, try to send regular and frequent updates on how the project is going. Virtual assistant work is typically much more self-directed. While it can be tempting to simply send them the completed project at the end of your contract, this can be stressful for your client, and ultimately harms your working relationship.

They care about their business, and want to know how things are progressing. They’re also very busy, and don’t want to waste time chasing you down for an update.

Sending regular updates will help ease their worries, and will help them view you as a trustworthy employee, ultimately increasing your chances of future work.

Seek feedback

Seeking feedback from your client is an excellent way of building a strong relationship with your client. When you seek feedback, it shows your client that you’re invested in the project and genuinely want to do well. It also shows that you’re serious about your chosen career path, and want to continue improving.

Remember your own value

Acknowledging all that you bring to the table can help build strong relationships with clients. Though you are working for the client, you are a skilled worker being hired for those skills. You have a plethora of knowledge, resources, and talents, so don’t hesitate to share them.

For example, if you know of a software that could cut a project’s time in half, share that with your client! We can sometimes feel nervous giving business owners advice. But business owners want to improve their business. If you have knowledge that can help them do so, they’ll normally appreciate you sharing it.

This helps establish a symbiotic working relationship: you help the business with your skills and knowledge, and the business helps you build your career.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more work

If you enjoy working with a client, don’t be afraid to ask for more work! It might feel awkward at first, but letting your clients know that you’d be interested in doing more projects for them is an easy and effective way of ensuring your working relationship continues.

Even if they don’t have more work for you now, they’ll know you are interested and may offer you more work down the line.

Stay in touch!

Finally, in order to build strong relationships with your clients, stay in touch! Life today is all about networking. But networking isn’t just forming new relationships – it’s also maintaining them.

Follow up with past clients every few months to help maintain that relationship. Not only does this open up the possibility of doing more work with them in the future, but they might even refer you to other clients or contacts!

Navigating client relationships can be intimidating, but with these simple tips and tricks from Canada’s Virtual Assistant, you will be able to successfully grow and maintain strong relationships with your clients.


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