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How Should You Track Your Time as a VA?

When you create your own hours as a virtual assistant, there’s often no one responsible for tracking your time other than yourself, so being able to efficiently and effectively track and manage your time is key to ensuring that not only are you and your team being properly compensated, but that you’re billing your clients correctly. Lucky for all of us freelancers and remote workers, there are endless remote work-directed softwares dedicated to tracking not only your hours, but giving detailed project summaries and cost totals.

CVA’s top time tracking software is Clockify. Clockify not only allows you to track your hours, but your team's as well, and see detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and annual summaries of labour costs and time spent on projects via a workflow chart.

We also recommend setting a weekly and monthly schedule for yourself that includes the hours you’ll need to work for the month to cover your expenses and anything else you may want or need. We’ve found that overall, this tip makes it easier to track your hours and get into a routine for you, your clients, and your team.

Lastly, we highly recommend tracking your hours on paper as well. While we absolutely love technology and all that it allows us to do (after all, we wouldn’t be able to be virtual assistants without the virtual element), we also know that apps crash, computers break, and data gets lost. Spare yourself the stress of having to try and remember your hours in the case of an emergency, and write them down in a dedicated notebook.

We hope these tips will help you track your time as you work remotely this holiday season! All of these tips and tools are things that all CVA’s VAs do to ensure their time tracking and management is up to par. If there's anything we can't recommend enough though, it's utilizing a time tracking tool such as Clockify (there are also tons of free time tracking softwares available if Clockify isn’t your jam). Not only do they ensure that you’re effectively tracking your time, but they give valuable insight as to when you are most productive, and how well your team is working.

Let us know in the comments what you plan on trying first, and don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe to our blog and monthly newsletters to stay up to date on everything you need to know related to being or hiring a VA!


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