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Holbox Island - The Hidden Gem of Mexico

Where is Holbox Island & When Should I Visit?

Holbox Island, also known as Isla Holbox, is located in Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo. The island is about two hours north of Cancun and can be reached by a 25-minute ferry ride from the town of Chiquila. Ferries run daily at a cost of $5-10 per ticket and can easily be booked online.

Being located in Mexico, there is hardly a bad time to visit. That being said, there are certain times you may want to consider depending on your travel preferences. January to April are the prime tourist months for Holbox and have the best weather in terms of sun. May to October are the hottest months but tend to be the rainiest. There are often fewer tourists during these months, meaning better hotel prices. November to December are the “coldest” months of the year, but still, maintain an average temperature of 24°C.

What Should I Do in Holbox?

Though a small island, Holbox has some of the most breathtaking beaches throughout all of Mexico. Holbox is very much relaxation-focused, however, there is still a ton to do, specifically, in the water. Being an island, Holbox is completely surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, meaning there are beaches pretty much everywhere (which we love)!

Whether you want to bask in the sun or swim with sharks, Holbox has something for everyone. Whale sharks swarm the surrounding waters, however, they are some of the friendliest creatures despite common assumptions. Booking a guided tour to do so is super easy, and highly recommended if visiting the island. It’s truly an experience you will never forget, and totally safe for all those hesitant Moms ;).

Kitesurfing has become increasingly popular in Mexico, and Holbox is known to have some of the best water to do so. Shallow waters combined with a wide coastline make for the ideal learning experience and some of the most beautiful sunset conditions. Lessons run daily through various agencies on the island, and are suitable for everyone, regardless of your skills.

Where Do I Stay in Holbox?

Holbox is known to be an exquisite, yet laid-back tourist destination, meaning there are tons of hotels to choose from, no matter your price range. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites to save you some time when planning your trip here!

Budget Hotel: Hotel Mayari Holbox

Price: $ Reviews: 4.4/5

A rooftop pool, clean, large rooms, and A/C make this hotel one for the books. It’s located in a quiet neighbourhood, yet still very close to the center of Holbox, so you can experience both relaxation and the hustle and bustle of the town during your stay.

Midrange Hotel: Hotel Siesta Holbox

Price: $$ Reviews: 4.7/5

Located in the heart of downtown, this hotel has a prime location. You can be at the water within a couple of minutes during the day, and enjoy Holbox’s nightlife in the evenings. There is even a restaurant and bar attached to the hotel!

High-End Hotel: Casa Punta Coco

Price: $$$ Reviews: 5/5

If you are visiting Holbox for a relaxing vacation, this hotel is for you. The beautiful water is footsteps from the hotel, with stunning views from the pool and lounge beds. This hotel is a true oasis and more of an experience than a place to sleep. Keep in mind - this hotel is for adults only, so only book this stay if it’s a couples trip!

So, what are you waiting for?! Go book your Holbox Island experience, and check out all the island has to offer.


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