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Greece: The New Digital Nomad Destination

The #WFH Life in Greece

Working from home has become increasingly popular ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has become easier and more enjoyable for most people to work from home, rather than going into the dreaded traditional office space. Within the past year, Greece has become one of the top places to work for digital nomads. Although this does not come as a surprise due to its beauty, Athens, Greece has been ranked as the 31st best location to visit or move to, out of 75, for all the digital nomads.

Influential Factors to Consider

Athens ranked 3.6/5 on the NomadList, a list developed by fellow work-from-homers that ranks all the necessary elements you may consider when choosing your next destination. Quality of life, cost, safety, happiness, and crime rates are just a few of the factors considered on the list. Specifically, Athens excelled in the quality of life, fast wifi, fun, and safety scales. There are tons of districts to live in depending on your vibe, countless cafes and co-working spaces, and of course, incredible entertainment venues throughout. The average cost of living in Athens for a digital nomad was determined to be €2,500 per month, or $2800 USD. This is slightly higher than other popular nomad cities, but can easily be justified by many considering Greece’s attractiveness.

A hugely influential factor that many digital nomads have taken advantage of within the recent months is the tax incentive offered by many parts of the United States. The participating states have implemented a generous tax deduction should nomads choose Greece as their place of residence and work. Another huge factor that’s become more popular within the nomad community is the Digital Nomad Visa. This is a permit that allows professionals to travel past the simple tourist visa of 90 days maximum per country.

Most importantly, the internet availability and cost are incomparable when compared to other nomad-filled destinations. Free wifi spots are available throughout the country, plus, if you don’t happen to be in a wifi-filled area, the cost of a 4G internet sim card starts at only €13 ($15 USD) per month. If you’re from Canada – you know how big of a steal this is! The best part of all – Greece has recently rolled out 5G networks throughout to accommodate its increasing overseas worker population.

When to Visit as a Digital Nomad

Greece, specifically Athens, is becoming a popular, trusted destination for travelers globally. That being said, the peak tourist season is May to August, meaning these months will cost you more than off-season months would. This is definitely a huge factor to consider when determining your stay, so if you are wanting the most inexpensive time to stay for a while, visit during September to April. The cost of living will slightly decrease during these months, especially if you plan to rent an Airbnb as your lodging. Hotels often reduce their nightly rates during these months as well, depending on how long you’re planning to stay.


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