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Are You Using LinkedIn To Its Full Potential?

LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms that is highly underrated by most younger professionals, and is also super simple to use. It literally provides you with a combination of Indeed and other job sites, with the opportunity to engage with your network, similarly to a Facebook (or Meta or whatever Mark Zuckerberg wants to call it now) feed. So why aren’t you using it? You can’t say that it’s hard to manage or navigate– it’s simpler than Facebook since the latest introduction of Marketplace and the video area that rarely gets used unless you’re a stay at home parent avoiding whatever chores you told your kids to do three weeks ago. To help you out a bit, we’ve rounded up some ways that you can use this goldmine of a platform to market your business and network baby, network!

Market Products

LinkedIn is great for marketing and promoting your products or services because you have so many different options! This allows people (potential customers, investors, etc.) to see your business, or what you’re trying to promote, more than once which is a marketing dream. In order for people to think about a certain product or service, they need to see it at least seven times, so remember that as you plan out your next marketing campaign.

With LinkedIn, you can create your own personal account (for your personal network) but you can also create an account for your business to showcase new products, services, events and more! You can use the paid promotions feature on LinkedIn to increase your visibility and market market market to your heart’s desire.

Grow Your People

When it comes to owning a business, the most important thing people want is to earn their return on investment (and then some). In order to do this, you need to generate sales and produce that income. So how exactly do you do that on a social media platform? Easy peasy chicken nugget mcsqueezy!

For your clients, you’ll want to focus on ads targeting their emotional needs, their physical needs and their emotional needs. For instance, someone might be wanting to lose weight, so how do you make them need your coaching services?

Emotional Need - to feel more confident and sexy as they walk into any room! To regain that relationship with themselves that they had back when they could fit into a size 24 skinny jeans and jumped at the opportunity to wear a crop top and low rise jeans.

Physical Need - to better their cardio and strength, which leads to improved cardiovascular and digestive functions and so much more!

Needs Need - to get off the couch and put down Miss Vickie’s salt and vinegar potato chips. To regain control of their life and live healthy, happy life.

Spread the Word (knowledge)

There’s a trend going around about this 80/20 rule when it comes to digital marketing. 80% of your content should be focused on educating or informing your audience, while 20% should be left for promotional and sales. Uh, no, thank you.

Where are the memes, the funny quotes, and the personality? Sure this 80/20 rule works for some people, but it isn’t working for everyone! That’s the beauty of each business, and each person is unique. It allows you to decide what your customers want and what they should know. Do they like seeing your funny side? Are they more interested in fun giveaways? Do they love when you share tips about why you need to take your makeup off at night?

This is why research matters when it comes to your business. You need to understand what your analytics say about your business and your customers. Understanding what they want to see is as important as knowing what you like to share.

Our tip for digital marketing on different social media platforms is to understand the platform and understand the audience. For example, many people who use LinkedIn are business professionals eager to grow their network and learn a thing or two about their industry. Use this to your advantage by showcasing your more informational and educational content on LinkedIn and saving the more quirky or funny posts for Instagram. You can target the right audience while still promoting the same information and getting it across multiple platforms.


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