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Are You Cut Out to Be a VA?

Being a virtual assistant can sound like the best job ever! Flexible hours, choosing your clients, running your own business, what more could you ask for? Despite all the perks, being a VA requires a specific personality type. The job doesn’t suit everyone, so assessing the pros and cons is vital before jumping off the deep end.

Here is a list of some pros and cons we came up with to help you decide whether being a VA is for you.


  • Create Your Own Schedule

One of the biggest perks of being a VA is that you get to make your own hours. This works well for people who don’t enjoy the strict format of a 9-5 or want to incorporate things such as travel into their everyday life.

  • Pick Your Clients

Whether you are running your own VA business or working through a VA agency, you will likely have the choice of deciding which clients you want to work with. This can be a very freeing experience, especially for people who have previously worked in a job where they had no freedom to decide which projects they took on.

  • Work From Anywhere!

The other obvious benefit of becoming a VA is that you can work from anywhere worldwide! This is one of our main focuses at TVL because we want to let people access the freedom that working as a VA can offer


  • Time Management Requirements

The downside to making your own schedule is that you are the only one who has to hold yourself accountable. Some people prefer this type of work, whereas others struggle with finding motivation without the typical structure of an in-person job.

  • Isolation

Working remotely can be isolating for some people, as VAs may not have the same level of social interaction as they would in a traditional office setting. However, some people prefer working from home! It just depends on whether you have a more introverted or extroverted personality.

  • Limited opportunities for advancement

Because VAs typically work on a project-by-project basis, there may be fewer opportunities for advancement or professional development. If climbing the career ladder is the goal, then being a VA may have different options than a regular corporate job.

All in all, being a VA can be an incredibly rewarding and profitable career for those who fit the criteria. Like in any industry, the job has pros and cons, and not everyone will enjoy it. For this reason, we recommend you take your time and consider your options before deciding to start.


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