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A Website and Social Media - Do I Need It as a VA?

As a virtual assistant, you rely almost entirely on virtual platforms and networking to attract clients and promote your small business, so having a website and active social media account is a vital part of bringing your business to the level you want it. But we know just how intimidating it can be to actually build and actively run these platforms. If this is something you’re struggling with, we have you covered. One of the key components of our VA courses delivered through our sister brand TVL, is learning how to build and manage your website and social media platforms as a VA. We’ll work our way up from the bottom, learning everything from how to write blogs to creating engaging social media content. Oh, and we also talk about how to brand your business! Check out our certified VA training courses today!

But before you invest in a course, you’ll probably want to know why having a website as a VA is so important. So, let's talk a little bit about why a website is so critical as a VA, and definitely worth the investment. Even though there are a lot of different opinions out there, with some people saying a great LinkedIn or Facebook page is better than a website, we would have to disagree. Having a website for your VA business will not only help you stand out, but secure more clients! How? Your website acts as a great place for a portfolio that showcases your skills through your prior and current work. A website also acts as a great place for potential clients to find you, check out your packages and decide if you’re what they're looking for in a VA, or even convince them that they need one!

Social media really is no different! Think about it, as a VA one of the primary services sought after by small business owners is someone to manage and create content so that they can grow or maintain their social media presence. This established presence can generate tons of brand recognition and growth in a very small amount of time, and your presence as a virtual assistant is no different! If you can effectively run your own successful social media platforms, not only will you gain brand recognition, but this presence acts as proof for potential clients that you know what you’re doing. However, if having a great social media presence was easy, everyone would do it! So if you’re struggling with creating a social media presence, head on over to our TVL webpage.

So, to sum it all up?

YES! You absolutely do need a website and social media presence as a virtual assistant. Working remotely means that these platforms are your primary source of networking and building a brand, and therefore a key part in attracting clients. Check out our social media platform @canadas.virtual.assistant to see how we utilize TVLs tips to build a successful website and social media following.


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