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3 Tips for Building Your Business and Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting experience as one is granted the ability to pursue their true passion, work upon their own schedule, and in the best case scenario, generate a generous profit. However, this does not mean that the profession is absolutely perfect. There comes a great deal of stress and responsibility in starting a company, ultimately making it far more likely for entrepreneurs to face mental health issues than the average individual. To further worsen the blow, COVID-19 has brought forth far more challenges to entrepreneurs in regards to their mental health as many businesses are forced to change their current tactics to far more innovative ones in order to successfully navigate the market. However, Canadas Virtual Assistant wants to prove that boosting one’s mental health doesn’t always have to be such a challenging task with these three simple tricks!

Accept Praise

It comes as no strange surprise that a majority of individuals hold a definite need to improve in regards to receiving compliments. Regardless of who is giving the compliment, whether a close friend or a complete stranger, many individuals still struggle to truly accept the compliment they have received. This is something that must be remedied as accepting praise and acknowledging the good in oneself is essential to overcoming self-defeating activities in the long-run. When an individual truly hears a compliment and accepts it, they begin to grow a sense of confidence which can help them carry out challenging tasks or sort through emotions in the future. For example, if someone receives a compliment about their work ethic, they will perhaps remember during a later period of time, in which they’re feeling stressed and overrun with work, that this challenging situation does not define them or take away from the fact they are still a hardworking individual. Thus, truly accepting a compliment instantly provides one with a more positive attitude and self-image of themselves. This can be highly beneficial in powering through difficult times when growing one’s small business.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is within human nature to be particularly harsh upon ourselves hence the invention of the phrase: “you’re your own harshest critic.” Thus we should try to avoid being perfectionists to the best of our ability and instead begin to practice self-love. This is because perfectionism can greatly diminish one’s own self-esteem and instead create unnecessary stress related to feeling inadequate. Therefore next time you find yourself analyzing your work and worrying about your supposed “short-comings”, remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished so far! You deserve kindness just as much as the next person.

Be Confident

Confidence is crucial in all aspects of life, however it is essentially crucial in the business sector. An individual may have a revolutionary idea, a phenomenal product, or perhaps a gift that must be shared with the world - yet if they lack confidence, it will be extremely hard for them to reach their true potential. This is because when one carries themselves with confidence, they are more likely to make sound decisions as they will not be too insecure to be pressured into a decision that may be wrong for themselves and the company. In addition to this being confident in one’s self makes one feel more successful in general as self-confidence allows one to embrace all they have accomplished. In suit, this grants one a healthier mindset and can help them continue running their business in a manner that is both good for themselves and for their business.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, it is evident that no matter what one’s profession is, everyone should always look to prioritize their own mental health before anything else. This will allow an individual to ultimately succeed in whatever it is that they wish to accomplish, including their career goals, as well as boost their own health and well-being. Therefore next time you find yourself struggling with your own mental health and balancing your business, try and implement one, or perhaps all three, tips provided above. Also don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it! Your loved ones want to see you succeed and thrive, therefore asking for help when you need it is always best.


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