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The Slight Edge

A few of the VAs here at CVA have recently read, or re-read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and it’s one that we would highly recommend adding to your list of must-reads. In a nutshell, the Slight Edge is the advantage you get from showing up and repeating simple positive daily disciplines in every area of your life, consistently over time. 


The Slight Edge theory can be applied to any area of your life. It points out the realization that (for the most part) there is no such thing as a quick success. Difficult tasks take time, and tasks that seem impossible take a little longer. 


Waiting for something to fall into your lap will only keep you from creating the results you want! 


It’s based on the recognition there is no such thing as luck- there is only preparedness meeting opportunity. The more time you take preparing, the more opportunities you can take advantage of. 


Simple daily disciplines, repeated consistently, over time lead to: 

Positive Results! 


There are many success-forming actions or habits which are easy to do - and just as easy not to do. They are very small. They are so small, there will be no difference in one day if you do them or not. What does matter is they accumulate over time, so much that they literally define what direction your life is headed. 


Let’s break the Slight Edge theory down into some examples since the New Year is around the corner and many of us are starting to think about and set new goals for 2021. 


Read 10 pages a day. This is not hard - anyone who can read, which you are currently doing can achieve this. This is easy to do every day, and it is just as easy not to. If you stick to it, you will have read 3,650 pages. This will probably translate to 8-12 self-improvement books - if you read them you WILL change. 


Lose weight and/or get healthy. (A typical New Years’ resolution). Make healthy eating choices. It takes time to plan healthy meals, grocery shop and meal prep. It also takes time out of your day every time you stand in those fast-food line ups. Which choice will you make? Will you have the discipline to hold yourself responsible to eat what you should be eating? Have all your friends and family relishing at how good you look next year due to the pandemic they will have not seen you for 2 years.  


In life there is no such thing as standing still, you are either moving up on the success curve or down. 


Every single day you make dozens of similar small-action decisions. Every moment you decide what you do and don’t do. You won’t see it today, however, you will see your daily decisions and disciplines impacting your next year. You must take responsibility for the life you are creating for yourself. The life you are creating doesn’t happen with one decision, it is the compound effect of many decisions you made prior. 


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“Any time you see what looks like a breakthrough, it is always the end result of a long series of little things, done consistently over time” 

-Jeff Olson



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